How exercise can help joint care

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June 14, 2018
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July 11, 2018
Degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition of the joints occurring most often in hips and knees.
Degenerative diseases of the joints have become the main reason for pain and therefore, decreased health related quality of life especially in senior population. Most knee injuries are a result of landing or planting in cutting or pivoting sports, with or without contact. Most serious athletes will require a surgery if the knee is instable when turning or planting aiming to return to sports. The effectiveness of exercise in hip and knee OA is well recognized to improve muscle function, preventing abnormal movement and restore normal biomechanics of hip and knee. In addition, it has been shown that strength training and weight reduction decrease the pain experience, regular medication use and prolong the time until total joint replacement.


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