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Student Membership

As a TONE House member, you’ll enjoy all of this:

  • Unlimited use of our unique, ladies only circuit featuring our 30-minute relaxed workout
  • Personal exercise plan to suit your needs and goals
  • Wellness Evaluation – No matter how healthy you think you are, there’s always room for improvement. A wellness evaluation is the best way to get a full picture of your overall wellbeing so you have the information you need to become fitter and healthier.
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Blood Pressure/Heart Rate
    • Body % Fat
    • Hydration levels
    • Basal Metabolic Rate (Kcal)
    • Muscle Mass
    • Metabolic Age
    • Bone Mass
    • Visceral Fat
    • Measurements
  • Wellness Review every 4 weeks
  • The ability to book Personal Training sessions with our highly trained female staff.
  • Access to a Personal Nutritional Plan
  • Regular social events and member evenings – we make fitness FUN!
  • Classes – Core Stability, Legs, Bums & Tums, Box Fit & Circuits